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Accountants guide to PPC Advertising

accountants guide to PPC advertising
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Paid search Advertising paid per click advertising, or PPC, is an effective way to advertise your services whilst building up your company name and reputation. When people are in need of an answer, product or service they head straight to the search engines, and with PPC Campaigns, you can be their solution. 

Ben, owner of Your Ecommerce Accountant,  

“what we found is that digital marketing was key for us to gain new clients. We solely focused on tightly controlled keywords. This grew our practice by 400% in one year without spending the earth.”

Paid advertising s a powerful marketing strategy for many businesses, including Accountancy firms, because potential clients are coming directly to you for your services. This means you can catch the right people at the right time, who are already invested in what you have to offer.

To find out the basics of what PPC is, and how it can benefit you, check out this article ____

When done well, paid search advertising allows your business to appear at the top of search engine results page, attract new clients to your webpage and even generate new leads for your company. In order to reap these benefits, here are 5 top tips to help you make the most out of your PPC Campaign for your accountancy practice. 

Keywords for accountant’s PPC

Keywords are the specific words or phrases that people use when making a search query. By doing lots of research into the terms that people are using when they search for Accounting services, you can target specific keywords and then place them in your ads and on your Accounting webpages. Be using the same terminology as searchers, you’re advert is far more likely to show up in the search engines.

Search engines reward your website with a quality score, which is down to the relevancy of your keywords, advertisement and the landing pages. It’s really important to score a high quality score so you can rank higher on the search engine results page than your competitors.

Ben, of Your Ecommerce Accountant says

“do not get dragged into thinking you need to focus on every keyword with huge volume. A keyword with 500 traffic a month but is high intent like, ”Dentist Accountant” is better than bidding on a generic term like “accountant” with 10,000 volume. WHY? Because you know if you spend £500 on dentist accountant, you will pick up the clients you want. Whereas you can spend £500 on a generic term and not get to the right client. Quality over quantity all day”

With thorough keyword research, you can match the keywords searchers are using which will help you score a higher quality score. This will help to ensure your ads are seen by the right people, and you might even save some money on bidding too.

Bidding on PPC Keywords

When bidding on keywords its key to remember to classify the keyword in google terms.

Broad Match – written: Dentist accountants

This adword word type, broad match, is the default match type. Broad match means that it will trigger when a user is searching for a phrase, similar phrases, singular forms, plural forms, synonyms, misspellings, relevant variations & other related searches. Use this if you want to have really broad search terms. HOWEVER, we don’t recommend this as it means it will be to broad and we are looking for buyer intent. So you don’t want to bid like this as it will come back with accountant jobs, accountant salaries , dentist jobs etc…

Modified Broad – written: +accountants +dentist

Modified broad match is still very broad. However both dentist and accountant has to be in the search term. This may be really good if you are not sure which keywords are best but you may still have some useless keywords come up.

Phrase – written: “dentist accountants”

Phrase match means that the user has to type the phrase dentist accountants, so this could be part of a wider sentence. This is well defined but you can still have some wasted keywords as words can appear before or after the phrase.

Exact – written: [dentist accountants]

Exact match is what we recommend using, especially if you are doing it yourself. Why? Because it means someone has to search that exact term for you to bid on the term. So you know you want that person and there is no wastage. As long as you have identified a high buyer intent keyword then you will get decent quality traffic.

Optimising Accountants PPC

Make sure when you write the ads for your Accounting firm website they are snappy, concise and grab the attention of the searcher. You are limited in how much you can write in your ads so you want it to be as simple and direct as possible to entice searchers to click.

However, don’t read on the internet that you have to be aggressively different. Do not write “FREE BEER IF YOU CLICK HERE”. You still want to write out what you are selling and why they should buy from you. You only want people to click on the ad if it is relevant to them and what they want. This will save you money in the long term and mean you get quality leads.

Having a strong Call to action will also encourage searchers to click as well. For example, a ‘Book Now’ call to action will entice people to click through to your website and book an appointment with one of your Accountants.

Accountancy Landing Pages for PPC

After the searcher clicks on your ad, they will be taken to a Landing page, which be the first page they see when they land on your Accounting firm website. Your Landing pages should be highly relevant to what the potential clients has searched for, and should offer an answer to their query.

So if they have searched “dentist accountant”, make sure they go to your dentist accountancy page, this will keep them on the site longer and they will know its relevant. Do not send them to a generic page as people have the attention span of goldfish. If its not hitting them in the face, then they are going.

Landing pages should be a work in progress, and will have to be kept an eye on and adapted so they match with the trends of the moment. Strong landing pages should encourage conversions from potential Accounting clients and provide them with a smooth user experience.

Tracking results of your PPC Campaign

As an accountant, I expect you to smash this bit. You will be able to track your cost per click (CPC), cost per conversion, ROAS, ACOS ,etc… This will allow you to slowly measure what is working and what is not.

This will allow you to perform A/B testing until you get the keyword, adtext and landing page combination perfected. You may do a A/B test between Dentistry Accountants and Dentist Accountants. You may find the former has a better conversion rate and higher buyer intent and decide to stop Dentists accountants.

Keeping track of metrics alongside your Accounting business goals and  KPI’S will be key in the success of your campaign, so make sure you add conversion tracking code to your pages and review it regularly.

By looking to Google Ads data reports, you will want to keep a close eye on the data so you can make necessary changes to your ads. This will ensure they are constantly being improved and optimised. By responding appropriately to the metrics, you will be able to reap the benefits of PPC for your Accounting firm with increased traffic, conversions and a better ROI.

Enhanced marketing campaigns

You can add special features to your paid search campaign to enhance your Accounting firm advertisement and make it stand out even more above your competitors. This can include contact tools such as map listings and a tap to call button, where searchers can call your Accounting Firm directly from the search engine.

Specific site links that link to other pages on your Accounting website can be added to your PPC ad, and also star ratings from other happy Clients. These ratings can help in encouraging other people to click your webpage, as people trust reviews and ratings.

By adding these elements, your ad becomes more eye catching as it takes up more space. It also improves the searchers overall experience with your Accounting business. You are making the process for them as easy as possible. It encourages potential clients to get in direct contact with you. Search engines will also reward this extra effort with a higher quality score.


Overall, a modern accountancy firm should be advertising online. That doesn’t mean signing up to an unproven or expensive digital marketeer who doesn’t really understand how your business works. You can do this yourself by starting off slow, using EXACT MATCH until you’re a more confident digital marketeer. Test what works, which keywords are leading to more accountancy clients. Which landing pages are leading to more accountancy clients.

However, remember that your niche has to be ready to buy online before you can expect them to be acquired online. This may be changing, but agricultural accountants are unlikely to pick up clients by google ad words alone (if any). Whereas an accountancy firm focusing on Gyms may have a client base which is more exposed to buying online.

Ben Sztejka ACA

Ben Sztejka ACA

I am an ICAEW Chartered Accountant and owner of Your Ecommere Accountant. I created eComLedger to give other accountants access to accountant focused software for UK eCommerce clients.

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