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Limited Time Free Ecommerce accounting training. Grow Your practice!

Are you a bookkeeper or accountant. Are your clients moving to online? 

The pandemic has caused two major shifts. Firstly, existing bricks and mortar businesses moved online during the pandemic and have stayed there. At the same time more and more people are starting ecommerce businesses. 

In 2020, there were 20,000 ecommerce businesses on companies house. There are now 120,000. It is more and more likely that existing or new clients are going to approach you where they are selling online.

Taking on an ecommerce client expecting them to have the same bookkeeping and tax requirements is a huge mistake. Not only are the marketplaces like Amazon complex. There are also complicated tax rules based on where the item is stored, where its shipping to and what taxes you are registered for.

Last year we spoke to a prospect who wanted to get a second opinion on his VAT obligation. They already had an accountant, a decent one with years of experience. But no experience of ecommerce.

We found that over the last two years they had underreported VAT by £50,000. Their current accountant was shocked. Luckily for them we worked with them to resolve the issue, but not many clients are as forgiving.

Assumptions that this is easy or just like other businesses can mean expensive mistakes. Lost clients. Bad reviews. And even claims against your indemnity insurance.

My name is Ben Sztejka ACA, and I am an ecommerce accounting specialists. I have spent years getting to grips with and intrpreting new tax legislation impacting ecommerce businesses operating in the UK, US and EU. I have grown my accountancy business to £1m in turnover in 3 years.

We developed this software initially so we create working papers which made sense and were clear where the tax obligation was. It made our financial and tax reporting extremely straight forward and accurate. We are now opening this up to other practices so they can benefit from this to.

Now, we know not everyone is going to use this software and become ecommerce experts overnight, therefore we have developed FREE training so you can learn the basics of ecommerce accounting yourself.

By combining this training with the software you are going to be able to:

  • Sell to ecommerce businesses, there are 120,000 registered limited companies, probably another 120,000 operating as sole traders. This number is set to grow.
  • Understand and advise ecommerce businesses. Do not let ignorance make you give the wrong advice or submit an incorrect VAT return
  • Perform the financial and tax reporting 10x more quickly than doing it manually.
  • Save money and time with the bookkeeping whether that is annually ,monthly or quarterly. Do not just throw heads at the problem!

All you need to do is sign up with your name and email and we will send you a link to our FREE training. This will not be free for long. As more practices sign up we are eventually going to have to charge for this. So sign up now and avoid having to pay later.